Driftmoon Modding Wiki

To create your own skills, you will need to edit (or create) the file skills.ini and place it inside the script_add folder.

Using the default script folder will override and replace the default skills in the game and might cause you some trouble.

Skills function much like regular items in a sense that they use an unique ID and you can move then from the skill window to the quick slots.

You can then associate them to talents to unlock them by leveling up or giving them throug a script (like the gold dust shield).

Skills are defined with these minimum values :

  visibleName=skill name in skill window
  description=description of the skill

activateScript : Script to run when skill is activated. Waiting scripts are now saved to player when changing the map.

Example :

setTarget(15) AND explode(1000000,1.0)

This will make the object which ID is 15 in the curent map explode. Once you are comfortable with scripts in the editor, writing your own skill scripts becomes easy.

rechargeTime : The cooldown time before the skill is usable again

skillItem : The unique ID of the skill. It should be a value greater than 11000 (needs confirmation).

Each skill that will be shown in the skills list must have an item number associated with it. If the number is missing, it is automatically assigned by the skill index in this file. The automatic system messes the player's selected skills in saved games if you add more skills in between, so it might be a good idea to set them manually.
The item number must not be used in the items.ini.

More properties :[]

availableCondition :    If this condition returns false, the skill is not available. This is checked often, so it should be something very simple.
conditionExplanation : This explanation is given to the player if the skill is disabled because of the condition not being met

availableCondition2 : Second set of conditions, useful if you need to specify alternate explanations for skill not being available
conditionExplanation2 :

noncombat : Set to true to make the skill available outside combat

manaCost : How much mana using this skill will cost

criticals : Critical hit skills that can replace this skill when used in combat, syntax example: 0.2|powerAttack,0.5|attackarea

activateAnimationNumber : plays the given animation ID from the caller player or bot.

activateAnimationSpeed : the speed of the animation.

hideWhenRecharging : Hide the skill button when it is not available . DOES NOTHING

unusable : Setting this to true hides the skill from the player's skills list but you can still give it through scripts