Driftmoon Modding Wiki

Most texts in Driftmoon can contain keywords, special words that are replaced with dynamic text by the game engine.

#player The player's name.
#playerFirstLetter The first letter of the player's name.
#npc The name of the NPC the player is talking with.
#timePrecise Ingame clock hours and minutes, for example 07:20.
#time Ingame clock hours.
{actorvariable} Current object's actor variable. For example if the target is the player, the syntax {health} prints the player's current health. (from version 0.902)
{actorvariable:2} Current object's actor variable with two decimal places. (from version 0.902)
{player.variable} Syntax for referring to actor variables of named objects.
{123.variable} Syntax for referring to actor variables on unnamed objects.
{globalflag} Any global flag. For example {Karma} prints the current value of the Karma global flag. (from version 0.902)