Driftmoon Modding Wiki


You can now put your own .ini files in the script_add folder. The content of your ini files will be "added" to the mainmod ones instead of replacing them thus allowing your mod to work with an updated version of Driftmoon.

Read carefully the contents of the ini files in the script_add folder for more information.

The "script" folder of your mod contains .ini files that allow you to modify and/or expand the game. By default it is empty, but you can copy the .ini files from the mainmod's script folder into your mod's script folder and modify them to add elements (items, races, etc.) to your mod.

If a file does not exist in your mod's script folder, the game will instead look in the mainmod's script folder. This means you do not have to have the files here if you don't intend to use them. However, note that if the game finds a .ini file in your mod's script folder, it will not look for it in the mainmod's script folder, therefore I recommend that you do not delete anything from most of these .ini files but only add to them, otherwise, you will be missing elements from the mainmod.

It is important to note that when you update the game, the .ini files of the mainmod may be changed, but this will not change your mod's ini files. In this case you may need to update your mod's .ini files to contain the latest changes and add back your mod-specific content, otherwise your mod could end up with, say, an outdated items.ini file. For this reason, I suggest you keep your mod's elements together at the very end of the files, so you can easily copy and paste them into the newest mainmod files. This concern may become less relevant once the alpha and beta phases of development are complete.

File name Usage


Specifies all the items that can be found in the game.


Specifies the player's experience levels, and the talents that are associated with them.


Specifies the locations available on the main map.


Specifies the particle types available from scripts.


Specifies the quests available to the player through the quest log. You can delete/modify the mainmod's quests from this file since you probably won't need them in your mod.


Specifies the bot types available in the game.


Global mod specific settings. This file controls the global settings of the mod. The first thing you should modify in this file is the "startMap" field to contain the name of the starting map of your mod.


Specifies the available bot side presets.


Skills are scripts that can be activated through in-combat buttons.


Specifies the sounds that can be played in the game.


Specifies the sounds that can be played in the game. These are tied to ingame events by hard coding their names.


Specifies the ambient soundscapes that are painted in the editor.


Specifies the talents that the player can choose in the new level screen. These can include combat skills.


Defines the terrain types that can be painted on the floor, along with their random props and footstep sounds.


Specifies the random props that can appear on terrain, such as trees, bushes and seashells.


Specifies automated terrain sets that can be painted to the floor.

globalflags.ini This file is automatically filled as you use global flags in your mods. It is used to lessen the chance to make typing errors when using global flags.