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Physics tab

physics tab

Physics tab of an object is used to set the physics shape, draggability, density, damping, collissions and joints of an object.

Physics shape can be either circle, rectangle or nothing.

Density, as the name implies. makes an object weight more and the effect will also depend on the size of the object.

Damping(friction) mostly changes how quickly an object will stop without anything pushing it.


Joints are used to set how 2 objects behave with each other. The 4 joint types are:

  • Distance joint, the 2 objects will try to maintain a specific distance between them, how hard they try to do so depends on the resume force. The length by default is the same as current distance between objects.
  • Rotatet joint, the 2 objects will rotate around the joint at a fixed distance and won't collide with each other. Rotate force option makes the objects rotate with the set direction and force. Resume force does something. Enabling limits will limit how far the object can rotate away from the default rotation(ie. doors, tails).
  • No collision, the objects won't collide with each other.
  • Attach, the 2 objects behave like they were one object.

Joints won't work if one of the objects doesn't have physics.